Oak Tree Rd Indian Appliances Stores

When it comes to purchasing a 220v electronic appliance for your loved ones back home in India, Oak Tree Road in New Jersey offers decent choice.

A lot of electronic gadgets purchased in the U.S. often do not work in India because of variation in voltage system (220v vs 110v).

There are a few dedicated electronics stores in Iselin near Sona Jewelers and in Big Cinemas complex in Edison.

Whether it is electric Coffee maker, Sandwich maker, Roti Tawa, Blenders, Bread makers, you get them all and more at these 220v Indian appliances stores on Oak Tree Road.

Besides 220V appliances, some of these stores also offer Indian rice cookers, gaskets, pressure cooker nozzles, wet grinders and blood pressure monitors.

Here are some 220v Indian appliance stores on Oak Tree Road:

  • Iselin Electronics
    1404 Oak Tree Rd
    Iselin, NJ 08830
    Ph: 732-404-0404
  • Oak Tree Appliances
    1655 Oak Tree Rd, # 250
    Edison, NJ 08820
    Ph: 732-767-9111