Indian Lunch Buffets on Oak Tree Rd

When it comes to buffets and thalis, Indian restaurants on Oak Tree Road in Edison and Iselin offer abundant choice.

With a wide choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries, Oak Tree Road restaurants offer a palate tickling adventure for the hungry explorer.

Indian Buffet Counter Oak Tree Road
Curries Galore - An Indian Buffet Counter
South Indian, North Indian, Gujarati, Indian-Chinese, and Chettinad, every variety of Indian cuisine finds a place in Oak Tree Road buffets.

Buffets - Only Way to Go
Always say "No" to a la carte meals at Indian restaurants.

You must never order a la carte at an Indian restaurant because the prices are obscenely high, quality inconsistent, the quantity low and service dismal.

Ordering a la carte at Indian restaurants is often poor value for money.

In our view, Indian restaurants provide value for money only for buffets, thalis and platters.

Indian lunch on Oak Tree Road in Edison or Iselin usually comes either in the form of all-you-can-eat buffets or thali/platters.

Indian buffets on Oak Tree Road in Edison and Iselin offer a combination of vegetarian and meat curries, Naan bread, rice, appetizers like Pakora and Samosa, Tandoori Chicken and dessert (usually Kheer or Gulab Jamun).

Indian Food Oak Tree Road
Indian Thali - A Buffet Alternative

Thalis on Oak Tree Rd
A few restaurants like Punjabi Express II, Khushboo, Jhupdi, Talk of the Town, Punjabi Kitchen do serve lunch platters or thalis.

Also, none of the Indian restaurants on Oak Tree Road offer a breakfast buffet.

Here's a short list of Oak Tree Road Indian restaurants offering lunch buffets and thalis:


1625 Oak Tree Road
Edison, NJ 08820
Weekdays - $8.99 11AM-4:00PM
Weekends - $11.99 11AM-4:00PM

1538 Oak Tree Road
Iselin, NJ 08830
Weekdays - $8.99 11:30AM-3:00PM
Weekends -$12.99 12PM-4PM

1567 Oak Tree Road
Iselin, NJ 08830
Weekdays - $10.95 11:30AM-3PM
Weekends - $12.95 11:30AM-3PM

1655 - 195 Oak Tree Road
Edison, NJ 08820
Weekdays - $11.95 12PM-2:45PM
Weekends - $13.95 12PM-2:45PM

1671 Oak Tree Road
Edison, NJ 08820
Weekday - $9.95 12PM-3PM
Weekend - $14.95 12PM-3PM
Dinner Buffet Tuesday: 6:30PM-10PM

1667 Oak Tree Rd
Edison, NJ 08820
Lunch - $12.95 12PM-3PM

1388 Oak Tree Road
Iselin, NJ 08830
Weekdays - $8.99 11AM-5:00PM
Weekends - $11.99 11AM-5:00PM

42, Marconi Ave
Iselin, NJ 08830
Weekday - $10.95 11:30AM-2:30PM
Weekend - $12.95 11:30AM-3:30PM


1679 Oak Tree Road
Edison, NJ 08820
Lunch Thali: $9.95 - $15:95

1734 Oak Tree Road
Edison, NJ 08820
Unlimited Lunch and Dinner Thali
Mon-Thurs - $9.95

1392 Oak Tree Road
Iselin, NJ 08830
Veg Thali - $5.99 10:30AM-12AM
Non-Veg Thali - $6.99 10:30AM-12AM

1691 Oak Tree Road
Edison, NJ 08820
Veg Lunch Thali - $7.99
Non-Veg Lunch Thali - $8.99

1192 Green St
Iselin, NJ 08830
Lunch Veg Platter - $7.99
Lunch Non-Veg Platter - $8.99

14 Marconi Avenue
Iselin, NJ 08830
Thali: $9.99

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