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Anmol Sweets Edison NJ

Anmol Sweets
Nirula's Desi Galaxy
Sugartree Plaza
1700 Oak Tree Road
Edison, NJ 08820

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Anmol Sweets Edison Review : Good Sweets

Our visit to Anmol Sweets in Nirula's Desi Galaxy food court in Sugartree Plaza on Oak Tree Road in Edison turned out to be an unusual experience - We encountered a sullen desi monkey behind the counter and delicious goodies inside the counter.

During our visit, the monkey (in the form of an Indian woman) behind the counter did not seem to be in a good mood as evidenced by her sulking demeanor and hostile attitude toward us.

Since we love sweets we ignored her simian antics and quickly ordered a pound of mixed sweets.

Anmol offers a variety of milk based sweets along with two varieties of Laddu.

Gunthia, Anjeer Kaju Katli, Anjeer Kaju Roll, Kesar Pista Roll, ah, the mere look of the various mithai inside the counter were so enticing that I almost started drooling.

Mixed sweets at Anmol are $9 a pound.

Assorted Indian Sweets

My box of assorted sweets had about 15 pieces including Gunthia, Anjeer Katli, Laddu etc.

Anmol Sweets Assorted Sweets Edison © OakTreeRoad.us
Assorted Sweets - $9 per pound

Poor Service

When it comes to rendering professional and polite service, Anmol Sweets gets an F grade.

We politely requested the desi woman behind the counter for a pound of assorted sweets after inquiring about the price.

The woman at the counter seemed annoyed upon being asked the price and ignored our repeated requests to restrict the sweets to one per variety.

Is it a crime to ask the price before purchase?

Indifferently, she added two to four pieces of each variety to our box.

Vexed with her hostile and negative attitude to a simple request, we checked the box before paying the bill and requested her to remove the extra pieces of same variety and replace them with others but encountered only limited success.

Anmol Sweets Edison Rating - Delicious

If you love Indian sweets like us, do visit Anmol Sweets in Sugartree Plaza on Oak Tree Road in Edison to satisfy your sweet cravings.

But be prepared to endure hostile service toward paying customers. - © OakTreeRoad.us

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