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Khushboo Edison Oak Tree Road

Khushboo Edison
1734 Oak Tree Road
Edison, NJ 08820

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Khushboo Oak Tree Road Edison Indian Restaurant

Khushboo Edison Review: Delicious Vegetarian Food

Of the many Indian restaurants in Edison, NJ we've sanctified with our presence, Khushboo vegetarian restaurant on Oak Tree Road is one of the rare few that delighted us.

Khushboo is primarily a Gujarati cuisine restaurant with North Indian and South Indian offerings included in the menu.

Since we get to eat North and South Indian items almost every other day, we let our taste buds graze around Gujarati curries and sweets at Khushboo. In any case, the pathetic-looking Medhu Vada (a South Indian appetizer) in the glass-case did not seem fresh. Medhu Vada is usually prepared fresh upon order, not prepared and stored in a glass-case.

Heeding the recommendation of our middle-aged Gujarati-speaking waitress, we picked Samosas for Appetizer, Mini Thali for main course, Mohan Thal ($1.50 gets you 2 pieces) and Dry Fruit Halwa ($2.00 for 3 pieces) for desserts and Masala Chai ($1.50).

Khushboo Edison - Yummy Samosas

Samosa ($1.60 for 2) came with Tamarind Sauce and Green Chutney.

Khushboo Samosa
Tasty Samosas

Samosas were evenly cooked with tasty Potato Curry stuffing.

Yummy with the tangy and sweetish Tamarind Sauce and the fresh, flavorful Green Chutney.

Khushboo Sumptuous and Tasty Mini Thali - A Steal for $7.95

Folks, for $7.95 Khushboo's Mini Thali is a delicious steal.

Our Mini Thali came with two curries (Undhiya and Alu Baingan Curry), Dal, Roti, Basmati Rice and Pappad.

Khushboo Mini Thali Items
Food Items (clockwise): Alu Baingan (top left),
Undhiya, Roti and Dal

Undhiya, a melange of Potato, Surati beans, Eggplant and Flour Gota, had a subtle nice flavor and relished throughly with both Roti and plain Rice. Hey, it was very nice to even eat it directly like a salad.

Alu Baingan Curry was sweetish and slightly sour with finely cooked Baingan and Tomato constituting the thick gravy. The flavor of the Baingan-Tomato gravy seeped well into the Potatoes making it very flavorful to bite into. The juices from the mashed Tomato and Baingan had even seeped into a whole dry red chilli used for seasoning.

Diabetics may need to be concerned about the sweetishness of the food items here. Well, as all but the schmucks know, sugar is an integral part of Gujarati Cuisine including entrees.

Dal with a slightly watery texture turned out to be another treat. It was slightly sour and sweetish with Peanuts and Mustard seeds seasoning. We enjoyed drinking it as a soup and eating it after mixing with white rice. But this Dal, however, does not go well with Roti or Chapati.

Pappad that came with our Mini Thali was crisp and tasty,

Khushboo Edison - Excellent Roti

Five large Rotis came with our Mini Thali takeout.

Rotis were soft and tasty and we gobbled them up with Undhiya and Alu Baingan in no time.

They were soft even 18 hours later.

Khushboo Oak Tree Road - Divine Sweets

For desserts, we selected Mohan Thal and Dry Fruit Halwa.

Khushboo Sweets
Yummy Mohan Thal (top) & Dry Fruit Halwa

With the right proportion of sugar, texture and nice flavor of ghee, Mohan Thal just melted into our mouth. For those not very familiar with Gujarati sweets, Mohan Thal is a close relative of the popular South Indian sweet Mysore Pak.

Dry Fruit Halwa with sliced almonds, cashew nuts, dry grapes and a pumpkin base was heavenly, probably one of the most delicious Halwas that made contact with our taste buds.

Dry Fruit Halwa was so good that we suffered deep reverse buyers remorse for buying only three pieces.

Khushboo Edison - Refreshing Masala Chai

While waiting for our Mini Thali takeout to get ready, we ordered a cup of Masala Chai ($1.50).

The freshly prepared Masala Chai came piping hot to our table with a nice masala flavor and needless to say we enjoyed it throughly.

Khushboo Masala Chai
Good Masala Chai

Khushboo - OakTreeRoad.us Rating

Khushboo serves fresh, tasty Gujarati food at reasonable prices.

If we are in the Oak Tree Road area we'd be glad to revisit this pleasing restaurant.

OakTreeRoad.us recommends Khushboo on Oak Tree Road in Edison New Jersey for its delicious vegetarian food. - © OakTreeRoad.us

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