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Urban Spice Iselin Review

Urban Spice Iselin
42 Marconi Ave
(off Oak Tree Road)
Iselin, NJ 08830

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Urban Spice Iselin Indian Restaurant Image &Copy; OakTreeRoad.us

Urban Spice Iselin: Below Average Food; Lousy Service; Awesome Kheer

Urban Spice conjures up visions of spicy Indian delights served in a crowded urban setting of cheek-by-jowl office buildings and apartments.

Alas, that vision is false because Urban Spice serves mostly tasteless, bland Indian food.

Urban Spice is located on Marconi Avenue (just off Oak Tree Road) in Iselin (New Jersey) in a large building with a spacious parking lot.

As we pulled into the Urban Spice parking lot, we were a little uneasy on seeing the mostly empty parking lot.

Not a good omen, we told ourselves.

But our love for Indian food got the better of us and we made our way into the spacious dining room.

Watery Soup

The watery Mutter Shorba soup was a total disappointment.

Utterly devoid of even a semblance of taste, it was a bad start to a meal.

Ugly Chicken Curries

Tandoori Chicken has turned into a must-have-item on the menu of most Indian restaurants. Most of the time, it's ugly.

At Urban Spice, Tandoori Chicken is uglier than elsewhere. You see, Tandoori Chicken was a burnt disaster with black, smallpox-like marks all over the chicken suggesting a kitchen hopelessly incompetent or totally indifferent to diners.

Chicken Tikka was a flavorless absurdity and the Murg Kali Mirch a travesty with no hint of black pepper.

Bad Vegetarian Curries

Does Urban Spice distinguish itself on the vegetarian side?

No, No and No.

Except for the delicious Saag Panner, none of the other vegetarian items at at this wannabe Indian restaurant rose above the ordinary. Malai Kofta, Stuffed Chilli and Jodhpuri Tomato failed to put our taste buds into a orgasmic frenzy.

By now we were convinced that Urban Spice belonged to the category of mediocre Indian restaurants, of which there are aplenty in New Jersey.

Delicious Payasam

And then we tasted the Bambino Payasam.

In several decades of eating Bambino Payasam in India, North America and Europe, never has such a sweet masterpiece intersected with our taste buds. If Urban Spice has any reason to exist at all, it's for this extraordinary dessert alone. Nothing else matters at this trashy Indian restaurant.

We'd go to Urban Spice a million times for the Bambino Kheer alone.

Poor Service

Service is non-existent at Urban Spice.

The dark, fat girl who attended to us was borderline rude.

When we requested her for a menu card so that we could order desserts, this bozo glared at us, turned a deaf ear to our repeated requests and parrot-like kept chanting three or four names includng Gulab Jamun and Kulfi Ice Cream.

We ordered the Mango Kulfi Ice Cream (we were charged $6.50 although the online menu lists it at $4.95) but it turned out to be a disappointment with none of that rich, creamy texture or fine flavor you associate with the Kulfi.

Masala Tea (charged $3.95 although the online menu lists it at $2.95) came extremely hot but was way too mildly flavored to even merit the name of Masala Tea.

Urban Spice - Rating

Notwithstanding its grandiose boasts about redefining Indian fine dining, Urban Spice is a pathetic Indian restaurant that is not worth visiting except for its glorious Bambino Payasam. - © OakTreeRoad.us

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