Gas Stations on Oak Tree Road Edison

If you running low on gas while shopping on Oak Tree Road, not to worry.

There is an Exxon gas station with Tiger Mart convenience store and a wash center right at the intersection of Oak Tree Road and Wood Ave. in Edison

Eat a big burger at the nearby Burger King, get a thick Strawberry milk shake (my favorite) and then fill up your tank at the Exxon.

Oak Tree Road Gas Stations
Gas Station on Oak Tree Road at Wood Ave Edison

Tiger Mart store at Exxon gas station sells milk etc besides automobile oil etc.

Nearby Gas Stations

If you somehow miss gas stations on Oak Tree Road, don't get into a panic.

There are two more gas stations down Wood Avenue at the intersection of Rt. 27. opposite Metro Park Train station

Whether you are on the left lane or right lane on Wood Ave, you are guaranteed of getting gas since there are gas stations on both sides of the road.

There is a BP gas station on the left side and another Exxon on the right.

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