Shopping Plazas on Oak Tree Road

Oak Tree Road Iselin
Oak Tree Road, Iselin

The main Oak Tree Road strip for Indians extends from the intersection of Middlesex Avenue & Oak Tree Road up to the Sugar Tree Plaza.

Sandwiched in this mile-long strip is a cornucopia of eating joints serving both South Indian and North Indian fare.

There are several Indian shopping plazas on Oak Tree Road.

Each of these shopping plaza houses multiple Indian stores and restaurants.

Off-hand, we can think of Sardar Patel Plaza, Nazranaa Plaza, Monat Plaza, Sharda Plaza and Mahatma Gandhi Plaza in Iselin.

Driving further down Oak Tree Road toward Edison, there's Parkway Plaza, Kumar Soni Plaza, Sugar Tree Plaza, Oak Village Complex and the Big Cinemas Complex.

A lot of the shopping plazas in Iselin are dominated by fashion stores.

For instance, the Sardar Patel Plaza in Iselin is home to Khasiyat Indian restaurant and a bunch of fashion stores including the Zuni Fashions, Kadambari etc.

In Edison, the shopping plazas are home to a variety of stores. Sugar Tree Plaza in Edison houses a grocery store Apna Bazar, a food court Desi Galaxy, a fashion store, South Indian restaurant (Swagat), an Indian bakery (Hot Breads) etc.

Oak Tree Road as a Desi shopping utopia is not new and has been several years in the making.

The growth of businesses catering to Asian Indians has brought traffic and parking problems, irking the local community members, some of whom have been living in the area for decades.

Oak Tree Road Shopping Plazas

Sardar Patel Plaza
Mahatma Gandhi Plaza
Nazranaa Plaza
Parkway Plaza
Sugartree Plaza