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Quality Sweets
1384 B Oak Tree Road
Iselin, NJ 08830

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Quality Sweets Iselin: Not So Good Quality Sweets, OK Samosa

Given my abiding love for anything sweet, I picked up a pound of mixed sweets from Quality Sweets on Oak Tree Road in Iselin the other day.

Pricing and Ambience

Quality Sweets are sold at three different prices - Some are $8 per pound and others $10. Mixed Sweets are $9 per pound.

Since I like variety, I opted for the $9 mixed sweets - Manpasand, Anarkali, Anjeer, Khoya Kalakhand, Pineapple Chum Chum, Angoor Rasogolla Pink, Kaju Katri and Chaina Mango went into my box.

Like a lot of food establishments on Oak Tree Road, Quality Sweets is a cramped place. As you enter, there are two tables on the left and the Sweets Counter is on the right.

Quality Sweets also sells snacks like Samosa, Chaats and beverages like tea etc.

I stuck to Mixed Sweets and Samosa.

quality sweets assorted sweets
So So Indian Sweets

Not So Good Sweets

Overall, the sweets from Quality Sweets did not appeal to my tastebuds with the exception of Manpasand and Anarkali.

Nuked Samosas

My order of Samosas came so hot to the table as if they'd been run through a nuclear reactor.

quality sweets samosa
Nuked Samosas, Green & Sweet Chutneys

They were so hot that I had to wait for a full five minute to allow them to cool down a bit.

I got two pieces of Samosa with green chutney and sweet chutney.

Samosas were big and evenly cooked with tasty Potato filling.

Of the two chutneys, I used the sweet chutney with rose flavor as the side for my Samosas. Sweet Chutney was good and, more importantly, it did not have stale smell and taste of green chutney.

Green Chutney was borderline stale and a little smelly.

Quality Sweets Oak Tree Road - Bad Service

To say that service at Quality Sweets was bad is an understatement.

Service issues cropped up right in the begining. While selecting the sweets, I specifically requested the lady to put only one piece per variety.

Yet when I opened the box on my way back home, I found two pieces each of Kaju Katri and Angoor Rasagolla.

When I ordered a plate of Samosas, the same lady opened a brown bag lying near the counter and took two Samosas out and went inside the kitchen.

I go to a restaurant to eat freshly prepared food not for nuked/reaheated Samsoas taken out of a brown bag.

Hey, if I want to eat reheated Samosas, I can pick up a bag of frozen samosas from nearby Patel Brothers Indian grocery and reheat them in my microwave at home.

Also, Quality Sweets accepts only cash and does not accept credit cards or debit cards. They do not give you a receipt unless you ask for it specifically.

Quality Sweets Rating - Avoid

Mixed Sweets at Qualtiy Sweets are not of that good quality.

Though Samosa was OK, I prefer freshly prepared snacks rather than nuked/reheated stuff.

Given my so-so experience with Quality Sweets, it's unlikely I'll return there any time soon. - © OakTreeRoad.us

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