Haldiram Motichoor Ladoo Review

Haldiram Motichoor Ladoo
Available at Oak Tree Road
Indian Grocery Stores
Edison / Iselin, NJ

Indian Curry Packets
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$5.99 for 12 Pieces

Haldiram Motichoor Ladoo: Atrocious

It was my insatiable craving for Indian sweets that made me buy Haldiram Motichoor Ladoo ($5.99) during my Diwali visit to an Indian grocery store.


The Haldiram folks must be the most cruel species on Planet Earth.

How else can you explain the Haldiram Motichoor Ladoo being so atrocious.

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Atrociously Low on Sweetness

Haldiram's Motichoor Ladoo failed miserably at the most fundamental level - sweetness.

It was so low on sugar that I wondered if I had mistakenly picked up a box meant for diabetics.

But upon checking all sides of the box for diabetics labeling and finding none I realized the bozos had swindled me royally during Diwali.

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Haldiram Motichoor Ladoo

If you think it was only sweetness that was lacking in Haldiram Motichoor Ladoo, you are so wrong.

Besides low sugar and sweetness, there were other things that were wrong with Haldiram Motichoor Ladoo:

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Serving Size: 1 Piece : 34g
Servings Per Container: 12
Calories per Serving: 140
Calories from Fat: 70


Haldiram's Motichoor Ladoo box included a total of 12 pieces, each placed in a small paper cup.

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Haldiram Motichoor Ladoo Inside Box

Ladoos were placed in a small plastic tray sealed with an aluminum foil.

The box included a small sachet containing iron for keeping the Ladoos fresh.

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Freshness Preservative

Haldiram's Motichoor Ladoo Rating

If you have a sweet tooth like me, I suggest you steer clear of Haldiram's Motichoor Ladoo.

They are so disgusting that you may develop an aversion toward this popular Indian sweet. - © OakTreeRoad.us

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